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In 2015 Jenny McGraw, author and photographer, discovered a need for more children's books that teach social skills in a realistic way, and the My Social Building Blocks series was born.  Since then, Jenny has written four books, two of which are now published, in order for children to have access to books that make sense and are easily relatable when learning social skills.  

The books feature customized photographs based on the situations presented in order to feel more personal.  They are written in first person in order to help children relate to the content easily and be able to better carry over the skills into their everyday lives.  The books also feature a page that can be customized by the parent or teacher, a parent guide with some helpful tips for implementing the books, and a bulleted list of the main ideas in the books.

Each book is 8x8 inches, paperback with a thick glossy color cover.  Each book is 24 pages printed in full color and featuring beautiful photographs on each interior page.  

The two books published in January 2019 include Going to School and Playing at the Playground.  The next two books that were written and are to be published include Going to the Doctor and Eating at a Restaurant.  The series is planned out to address many of the public setting situations where children need social skills to communicate, cooperate, collaborate and improve their quality of life and interpersonal abilities as they grow.  As these books are intended to be published in sets of two, please feel free to offer your comments as to your priorities of social settings you consider more urgent.