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Jenny has a background in special education and received her bachelor's degree as an intervention specialist in 2004. Since then she has focused her teaching career on learning about and working with children with autism spectrum disorders.  In addition, in 2006 Jenny started a photography business that focuses on providing portraits for children with special needs, as well as newborns and families.  In 2016 Jenny became a certified special-needs photographer after gaining accreditation through Special Kids Photography of America, a national organization that trains photographers who would like to focus on capturing meaningful moments.


Through her teaching career, working with children who have autism spectrum disorders, and raising her own two children, Jenny has realized the incredible importance of explicit instruction in social rules and expectations for various situations children encounter each day. She also discovered that she was unable to find readily available and appropriate children’s books that focus on teaching social concepts in a real and relatable way to children.


Due to the huge need for this type of children's book, in 2015 Jenny set out on a mission to write, photograph, and publish a series of books that teach children with special needs as well as neuro-typical children what to expect and how to act in common social situations they encounter on a regular basis.


Jenny's books are the first of their kind in that they provide an individualized approach to teaching children social skills through photographs of the situations that are presented, text written in the first person, and relatable, adaptive content that every child needs.